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But we ask you, is a mixture of bleach, dish soap, and water, or soft scrub and bleach going to get the job done? Or, can you really trust the claims that WD40 is the way to strip the rust from your major investment? Our answer is “No.”

In fact, we think cleaning your boat’s surface is so important that Star brite® is featured as one of our Sea Tow Savings Club retailers and we’re offering members $50 in rebate coupons valid towards their most popular products. This partnership allows you to save on hull and deck cleaners, boat wash, marine polish, cleaner wax, vinyl cleaner, teak care kit, Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment and more.

Why should you use a product Star brite manufactures and sells versus an easy mixture that you buddy recommended? Let’s wash away some of the dirt and get to the facts to answer that question.

First and foremost, bleach and dish soap are very toxic to our marine environment. Phosphates in dish detergent, when introduced to the water, can kill marine life and cause algae blooms.

“Our cleaners are formulated specifically to get the job done quickly and easily without harming the marine environment,” said Bill Lindsey, vice president of marketing for Star brite. “Many of our cleaners are created to be biodegradable and contain no phosphates which can cause an algae bloom. Let’s be real though, you buy a boat wash because your boat’s dirty. It’s rare that someone will buy a product because it’s green, but many of our products are designed to clean the boat extremely well and in the process not harm the environment. It’s a win-win.”

“Slippery When Wet” isn’t just a Bon Jovi album from the 80s, but is what happens to the deck of your boat when you use a bleach mixture. According to the website Maritime Injury Guide, at least 43% of reported injuries on the water are a result of slip and fall accidents. You don’t want to have to cut your day on the water short because you fell and broke a bone or worse.

Bleach mixed with other soaps is also very hard on boat surfaces. It can actually degrade the surface of vinyl and fiberglass, which is another reason to choose your cleaner carefully.

“There’s the temptation for many boat owners to play do-it-yourself chemist,” Lindsey added. “If the less expensive ingredients such as bleach or swimming pool acid were the best choice to accomplish the specific cleaning task and would not damage the boat or be dangerous to use, manufacturers would use them. Our products are formulated to be the most effective cleaners and are created by chemists with many years of experience and training.”

Star brite’s website ( has just about any and every product imaginable for your boat maintenance and cleaning needs. Distribution of the company’s products is done through a network of retailers nation-wide. Most marine specialty stores, as well as many of the big-box stores, carry the Star brite brand.

Last but not least, the company has done a great job of producing instructional and demonstration videos for many of its products.

Next time you’re out shopping for boat accessories and other items, pick up some Star brite and give it a try. We’re certain that the products will get the job done, helping to protect the investment you have made so you can enjoy more time using it.

Then you may ask- how do I get my $50 Coupon Book for being a Sea Tow Member?- (Click Here- Sea Tow Savings Club page/ to request coupons that and you will be able to mail in for a rebate after you purchase your Star brite products. Happy Cleaning, Happy Boating!

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