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Locally Owned and Operated.

Membership dollars stay local, in your community. Local Sea Tow franchises don’t get paid by the tow or by the hour, like our competition. Sea Tow franchises are paid when you become a member (and stay a member). It’s our job to keep you happy, which means taking care of you as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep you boating.

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Member-only Discounts and Savings

Unmatched membership benefits come with member-only savings, like discounts on fuel, electronics, dockage, boat insurance, and marine-related merchandise.

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Boat Insurance Created by Boaters, For Boaters

Sea Insure is boat insurance made easy. Offering multiple coverage options and policies that always protect you and your boat. Plus, Sea Tow members save 10% annually off their boat insurance with Sea Insure.

I have boat towing through my insurance, so why do i need sea tow?

Without a Sea Tow membership card, you don’t have Sea Tow. And our membership benefits go far beyond what any insurance policy with boat towing coverage can provide. For starters, Sea Tow has boats on the water to service you with 24/7 dispatch. Does your insurance company? Sea Tow also serves members first, because we prefer throwing you a line instead of making you wait for the next available tower. Knowing who is coming to help you is important and Sea Tow membership also means no hassles of reimbursement or filing of insurance claims.


With Sea Tow, you pay one annual rate and receive the most comprehensive member benefits available. Membership includes a full-suite of on-water assistance services for every boat you own, rent, charter, lease or borrow.
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Member Stories
  • “When we called for help the captain was cheerful and efficient, and obviously very used to the task at hand. The ride back under tow was more relaxing than our ride out and was the best part of our season’s maiden voyage. Thanks to all for the help!”

    —Member, Sea Tow Boston

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Locally Owned. Nationally Respected.

Sea Tow has been the premier leader in on-water boating assistance since 1983.