Do I have a Sea Tow membership through my insurance?

NO. A Sea Tow membership is NEVER part of an insurance policy. Only membership card carrying boaters are members. So, if you don’t have a yellow Sea Tow membership card, you’re not a member. And only members receive priority service and are always served before non-members.

Gold Card membership is less than $21/month and Lake Card membership is only $14/month. The average cost of a tow without membership is $950. That’s why Sea Tow membership is called – one of the best bargains in boating!


Why do I need a Sea Tow membership if I have towing coverage through my insurance?

Top Reasons

Boat towing coverage through insurance is NEVER as comprehensive as a Sea Tow membership. On-water assistance is what Sea Tow has been doing for over 40+ years. Insurance agencies don't have boats on the water, Sea Tow boats are located in over 500+ ports nationwide, so when you need help, fast, members know their local captain is standing-by. Without a Sea Tow membership, when you need help on the water - you don't get priority service - so you could be waiting a while.

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    Membership means No claims for service

    Submitting insurance claims for on-water service may impact your rates.

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    No unexpected out-of-pocket costs, no reimbursements needed.

    Reimbursement headaches and out-of-pocket expenses because of unclear coverage impacts your time and wallet. Sea Tow is just one annual membership cost.

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    Towing to the port of your choice within your home area.

    Not towing to the closest port as is the case with many insurance policies.

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    Sea Tow Captains routinely arrive in under 1-hour

    When you call your insurance company when you need help on the water, do you know who is coming to help you? And when?

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    Membership covers unlimited towing with no distance or dollar limits in your home area

    Check distance and dollar limits on your policy. If claims need to be submitted for service, check if there is a limit to the number of claims annually.

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    Gold and Lake Card memberships cover up to 25-mile tow to repair facility from your home port on all covered vessels. Check your insurance policy's dock-to-dock towing coverage.

Sea Tow's U.S.-based Customer Care Team answers

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Hear from our members

“The last thing I want is unexpected challenges if something happens when I’m out on the water. Towing coverage through my insurance wasn’t comprehensive enough. I wanted to know who was coming to help me AND WHEN. Whether it’s my engine, gas, prop – or my mistake, my Sea Tow membership is my peace of mind.”

— Jerry C., Sea Tow member for over 10 years

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Sea Tow Membership Options

Gold Card

$249/ Year

Our most popular membership, Sea Tow Gold Card has you covered wherever you boat whether on the coast or inland.

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Lake Card

$169/ Year

Wherever you boat in fresh, non-tidal waters. Lake Card is not available in Florida.

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Download our checklist

Ask the right questions when it comes to towing coverage through your insurance:
  • Does a claim impact my rate? Does a reimbursement request impact my rate?
  • Is there a limit to the number of claims I can submit annually?
  • Will I pay out of pocket? How long does reimbursement take?
  • Will a tow from my home dock to a repair facility be covered? What is the distance limit?
  • Is there time, offshore, distance or service area limits to my coverage?
  • Will I get towed where I want or just the nearest port?
  • Will I get priority service if I need help on the water?
  • Who is coming to help me?
  • How many boats am I covered on?

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Member Stories
  • Membership is the wisest investment I've made in all my years of boating.

    Member, Sea Tow Eastern LI, NY

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