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When disaster strikes, and things get rough for Georgia boaters, there’s only one man to call – Capt. Jon Gridley. As a franchisee, he operates four area lake-based Sea Tow franchises throughout the State, Capt. Jon knows what it takes to bring people in his community back from the brink.

Whether it’s a simple marine salvage project or a complete cleanup effort following a devastating storm, Capt. Jon has the crew to get the job done. With 11 captains under his watch representing the full spectrum of marine expertise, including divers and hazmat specialists – they’re ready for whatever nature throws their way.

“We’ve done jobs all over the state of Georgia”, Capt. Jon said. Whether it’s a full hurricane cleanup or small marine salvage job, there’s very little we’re not prepared for.”

Sometimes, Mother Nature throws Capt. Jon and his team a curveball; but even that doesn’t stop his team of experts from finding creative ways to get the job done.

Late last year, a severe storm rolled through Points West Army Resort in nearby Appling, leaving 35 boats and the dock to which they were moored, turned upside-down. It was an extremely large and complex job. As Capt. Jon analyzed the damage, he thought about how helpful it would be if he had a birds-eye view of the scene.

A few hours later, Capt. Jon was flying a new drone overhead, locating missing boats that had been blown away from the marina. From this aerial view, he formulated a strategy to complete the tasks quickly and thoroughly – saving time and money that otherwise would have been spent searching the lake.

“I pride myself on being able to get it done, no matter what kind of job is thrown our way,” he said. “The drone was just one example of that. It has not only opened, but has created an entirely new door to the way we approach salvages.”

This sort of on-your-feet thinking has earned Capt. Jon an enviable reputation as a problem solver throughout the State.

“Insurance companies and marina owners know we’ll get their job done, and done well,” he added. “When disaster hits, we’re always the first number they dial, and I couldn’t be prouder of that.”

Capt. Jon’s crews serve thousands of boaters statewide all year long, and being an exemplary neighbor and corporate citizen is of the utmost importance to them. He supplies and maintains more than 30 Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Stations throughout their service areas. Capt. Jon has become a key team member for Georgia’s First Lady Sandra Deal and the Department of Natural Resources in its state-wide SPLASH Water Safety Campaign by delivering more than 350 life jackets, with more to come.

“At the end of the day, we just want to be able to say that we’re always there for boaters when they need us,” Capt. Jon said. “Whether that’s a large-scale marine salvage job, a simple tow, or handing out life jackets to boaters who may not have one, we want to be there as good boating stewards on waters across the state.

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