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Our fleet of three customized, fully-equipped Sea Tow boats are strategically positioned throughout the Upper Keys enabling us to achieve an average response time of under an hour. Our crew of Coast Guard-Licensed captains have over 80 combined years of on-water experience and are ready to respond when the unexpected happens. When not assisting Sea Tow members and other boaters, you will find our team patrolling popular boating areas including Ocean Reef, Nest Key, Molasses Reef and Tavernier Creek so we can respond quickly no matter the time of day. From Ocean Reef to Tavernier, oceanside, and Card Sound Bridge to Tavernier Creek, bayside, we are here to help. 

Unmatched Level of Service with Membership

Your boat towing membership is just the beginning. Sea Tow offers the most comprehensive member benefits available at one annual rate and no fine print.

  • Priority Service

    On-water service is what we do, in fact, it’s all we do. Having so many boats on the water means a local Sea Tow Captain is usually right nearby and able to get you fast. On average, in less than an hour.

  • Premier Boat Towing Fleet

    Boat towing, fuel delivery, jump-starts, ungroundings; our fleet of Sea Tow boats and equipment are to-of-the-line and built to respond.

  • Locally Owned and Operated

    Membership dollars stay local, in your community. Local Sea Tow franchises don’t get paid by the tow or by the hour, like our competition. Sea Tow franchises are paid when you become a member (and stay a member). It’s our job to keep you happy, which means taking care of you as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep you boating.

  • Ask Sea Tow

    Local navigation assistance, tides and weather, anchorages, mishap prevention tips, and on-water know-how; Sea Tow Captains are your resource on and off your boat.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    500+ ports nationwide, Sea Tow has you covered. No mileage caps on towing, and $5,000 out-of-all-areas reimbursement. When we say we are the “leader” in on-water assistance, we mean it.

  • No Distance, No Dollar Limits, No Out-of-Pocket

    Sea Tow Members are always served first. No waiting in line, no out-of-pocket expenses, no claims to submit to your insurance company and no distance or dollar limits in your home port area. *

  • Do you Fish Offshore?

    Inshore, offshore, destination sport fishing. You are covered. Ask your local captain how far offshore they go. We don’t cap offshore mileage – if we can go the extra mile for our members – we will.

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  • Dock-to-Dock Towing on all your Boats

    Sea Tow is the only boat towing provider who offers dock-to-dock towing on all vessels owned, as well as all the other services we provide – at one comprehensive membership level.

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  • Locally Owned and Operated

    Your membership dollars stay local. We are invested in giving back to our community.

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Marine Support Capabilities

You’ve got a job to do, and we can help. Sea Tow maintains a fleet of hundreds of vessels and specialized equipment to offer a wide array of commercial and B2B services. One-day or long-term contracts, our Coast Guard-Licensed Captains are ready to take on any challenge 24/7.

  • Captain John Bilski towing a large recreational boat as part of Sea Tow's boat towing services.

    Non-Member Fee-For-Service

    The average daytime hourly rate for a boat towing company is $300. That cost can go up at night, in bad weather, etc. Don’t get stuck paying (on average) $850 for a short tow or over $2,000 for longer tows. Sea Tow membership covers these expenses with priority service included.

  • Sea Tow salvaging a sailboat as part of Sea Tow's boat towing services.

    Boat Salvage

    Sea Tow maintains specialized equipment to handle any type of salvage from boats on the rocks to actively sinking boats. As master salvors, we have the relationships to work directly with your insurance company and bring in any necessary resources while working to save your boat. Our boats and equipment are top-of-the-line and built to respond.

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  • Boat sunk at the dock.

    Boat Recovery

    Whether your boat has blown off its mooring, sank at the dock or ran aground high and dry, Sea Tow can help. We work to efficiently recover your vessel while preventing any further damage. Our recovery skills go beyond boats to small plane recovery, vehicle recovery and anything else that may find itself in need of recovery in the water.

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  • Sea tow boat helping researchers in addition to other boat towing services.

    On-Water Services & Vessels for Hire

    Including small plane recovery, crew changes, launch services, line handling, research, engineering, survey, movie/film/photo, safety, security and escort services, vessel charters and long-distance coastal boat towing. If you need a boat on the water for support, we can help.

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  • Captain containing an oil spill. Sea Tow takes pride in environmental cleanup

    Environment Response and Support

    Whether a small spill at a local fuel dock or major spill in a heavily trafficked waterway, Sea Tow has the capability to respond to a variety of environmental support needs. We maintain relationships with subcontractors to help provide equipment if we ourselves don’t have it, and through our relationships with local marinas may also provide vessel haul-outs and repairs.

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  • Four sailboats aground on beach after hurricane. Sea Tow offers more than just boat towing services.

    Catastrophe Response

    Our captains have the resources, equipment, and personnel to handle both small and large-scale response. As professional small boat handlers and salvors, there is no better team to retrieve vessels and mitigate damage after an event. Overland marine transport services may also be available.

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Locally Owned and Operated.

Membership dollars stay local, in your community. Local Sea Tow franchises don’t get paid by the tow or by the hour, like our competition. Sea Tow franchises are paid when you become a member (and stay a member). It’s our job to keep you happy, which means taking care of you as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep you boating.

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