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Sea Tow Members Get Priority

Qualified Captain followers enjoy an exclusive Sea Tow membership savings offer.At Sea Tow, it’s not all about towing; it’s about making your boating experience the best it can be. With an annual membership, members enjoy:

  • 24/7 priority service (members served before non-members).
  • Nationwide coverage on every boat you own, rent, or bareboat charter.
  • Unlimited towing with no distance or dollar limits in your home area.
  • Fuel delivery, jump starts, oil/parts delivery, covered ungroundings, disentanglements and more.
  • Up to 25-mile tow to repair facility from your home port for all covered vessels.
  • Offshore coverage.

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Offer only valid for new members and with automatic renewal enrollment. Offer only valid through December 31, 2024.

Weigh the Costs

Peace of Mind on the Water comes at a cost, and that cost is less than $21/month for a Sea Tow Gold Card membership. Industry-wide the average cost of a tow without membership is $950 – $1,000, and that can go up depending on location, time of day/night, weather conditions, etc.


Why Choose Sea Tow

  • Members Get Priority

    24/7 boat towing and on-water assistance is what we do, in fact, it’s all we do. Having so many yellow boats nationwide means a local Sea Tow Captain is typically right nearby and able to get to you fast. Routinely, in under 1-hour. And members are always served before non-members.

  • Multiple Boats Covered

    Members are covered for boat towing, fuel delivery, jump starts, covered ungroundings, oil/parts delivery, disentanglements and more; on every boat they own, rent or bareboat charter.

  • Locally Owned and Operated

    Membership dollars stay local, in your community. Local Sea Tow franchises don’t get paid by the tow or by the hour, like our competition. Sea Tow franchises are paid when you become a member (and stay a member). It’s our job to keep you happy, which means taking care of you as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep you boating.

  • Ask Sea Tow

    PRO® on-water and local navigation assistance, tides and weather, anchorages, troubleshooting, and on-water know-how; from reliable and knowledgeable Sea Tow Captains.

  • 500+ Ports Nationwide

    Sea Tow has you covered. No mileage caps on towing, and $5,000 out-of-all areas reimbursement.

  • Superior Coverage

    No unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, no claims to submit to your insurance company, towing to the port of your choice within your home area (not just the closest one), and unlimited towing with no distance or dollar limits in your home area.

We're not boat insurance, we're boat assurance

Try asking your insurance company about shifting sandbars and navigation. Local knowledge can prevent mishaps and experienced service can get you back underway.

25% of all Sea Tow service calls are resolved over the phone. This is because our captains will troubleshoot first and tow only if they must. We want our members to be happy, and that means we want our members to keep boating.

Can your insurance agent say the same? 

Sea Tow towing a large yacht.
We’ve got you covered

Locally Owned. Nationally Respected.